09 July 2020

    Fisher Funds Answers: What should I look for when investing?

    At Fisher Funds we practise Smart Active Investment Management. That means we carefully select where we invest. Senior Portfolio Manager Ashley Gardyne from our investment team explains what we look for when we are looking to invest in individual companies.

    1. A wide moat – a structural barrier around a company that protects it from competition.

    2. Talented management teams who are focused on the long term and are invested in their own businesses.

    3. Long growth runways – companies who we can invest in for the long term and benefit from compounding returns.

    Portfolio holdings

    We keep our website updated with portfolio holdings for each of our funds and provide a monthly commentary of their performance. Find out more about each of our funds:

    If you have any questions about our investment processes or wish to find out more about our KiwiSaver Scheme or managed funds please get in touch on 0508 FISHER (0508 347 437) or via email. Alternatively, if you are ready to invest, you can apply online.

    For more answers to questions like this as well as insights from our investment team, visit our video library.

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