Grow your wealth with Managed Funds

Managed Funds and our smart active investment approach take the hassle out of investing so you can focus on what matters most.

Why Managed Funds could be right for you

Managed Funds make investing simple. Whether you’re just starting on your investment journey or you’re well on your way, our award-winning investment team take the hassle out of investing. Here are just a few reasons why Fisher Funds Managed Funds could be right for you:

Diversify your investment

Expand your investment portfolio, compliment your existing investments, or set up the family with our diverse range of Managed Funds.

Flexible investment options

Choose from eight different fund options, each with different risk and return profiles to help you achieve your ambitions.

We do the hard work for you

Our 20+ strong in-house investments team actively manage your investment so you can focus on what matters most to you.

Responsible Investment Policy

You will have peace of mind in your Managed Fund investments thanks to our robust responsible investing policy.

Joint accounts

You can open a Managed Fund account with more than one person named as the owner. Great for couples or families.

Own some of the best companies

Become a part owner in some of the greatest businesses in New Zealand and around the world.

Which investment strategy is right for you?

Our Managed Funds are a great way to start investing, diversify your investments, and to complement any existing investments that you might have. Rather than spending your time researching and evaluating companies or funds, our experienced in-house investment team do all the hard work for you and keep you informed along the way.

We understand that every investor has different goals, timeframes, and tolerance for risk. And that every investor is at a different stage in their investment journey. That’s why we provide the flexibility to choose an investment strategy that suits you.

Mixed asset portfolios

A mixed asset portfolio is a great, hassle-free investment option for any investor. Pick from one of our pre-built strategies below or create your own custom mix of the Conservative Fund and Growth Fund.

Sector investment options

We have a range of sector investment options that are great for more experienced investors or those looking for a more focused investment option. You can create a custom investment strategy by choosing a mix of our sector investment funds. to help create your ideal strategy.

Build your own strategy

You can also choose to build your own investment strategy with a mix of the above mixed asset and sector investment options.

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Ready to start investing?

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Premium Service

If you’ve got over $500,000 to invest, our Premium Service could be right for you. Talk to our wealth managers about creating a bespoke investment strategy.

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