Responsible Investing

Investing responsibly by investing wisely

Responsible investing is something Fisher Funds is 100% committed to and is at the heart of our investment process.

Fisher Funds is committed to investing responsibly. For us that's about managing your money to generate attractive returns in a way we can all feel comfortable with. We are a signatory to the Principles for Responsible Investment and have a Responsible Investing Policy that touches on every element of our investment process.

We take a two pronged approach:

Across all our portfolios, including our KiwiSaver schemes, we ensure that the products or services provided by the companies you invest in can be used responsibly and don't cause widespread harm. This means we won't invest in manufacturers of tobacco, weapons that cause indiscriminate and disproportionate harm, including nuclear armaments.

Manufacturers of tobacco

of tobacco

Certain weapons including nuclear armaments

Certain weapons including
nuclear armaments


We then go a step further and ensure the companies you invest in meet basic standards of good corporate conduct. To do this we supplement our own research with insights from leading global researcher MSCI. This research gives us more insight to better understand the severity of any questionable behaviour.

We believe responsible investing is not just the right thing to do but also the wise thing. As an active manager this additional research enhances our investment process helping us select companies that are sustainable from an environmental and social as well as financial perspective. This is something passive funds don't do.

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Responsible investing is increasingly important to our investors and we want to know your thoughts as our policy evolves. Join the conversation and make sure your opinions count.

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