Which Fisher Funds TWO investment strategy is right for you?

    Choosing the right strategy for your KiwiSaver investment is an important decision and could make a big difference in how much money you have for your first home or your retirement.

    We understand that every investor has different investment goals, timeframes, and tolerance for risk. This is why we provide the flexibility to choose an investment strategy that suits you.

    You can choose from one of our existing strategies below. Alternatively you can build your own investment strategy by choosing one or a mix of our five investment funds.

      Ways to use KiwiSaver

      Buying your first home with KiwiSaver

      After being a member of KiwiSaver for three years you can apply to withdraw all or part of your KiwiSaver savings as a deposit towards your first home. Conditions apply.

      KiwiSaver and Retirement

      Entering retirement is an ideal time to revisit your investment strategy. The Fisher Funds KiwiSaver Scheme provides flexible investment options to support you in this phase of your life.

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