Update - 28 February 2021

Given the latest COVID-19 update our whole team are now working from home. We’ve worked successfully this way before and know our organisation remains fully functional. Our Client Services team are available to answer any questions you have, although you may reach them faster by email. You can also check the balance of your account and make changes to your investment, such as updating your tax rate through Fisher Funds Online. We hope you and your families stay safe.


We have flexible investment options with varying degrees of risk to help you achieve financial freedom down the track.


KiwiSaver is a voluntary, work-based retirement scheme with the potential for added contributions from the Government and your employer.


With our Managed Funds you can invest like a millionaire even when you’re starting out. Whether you’re investing with $100 a month or a lump sum you’ll be invested in a diversified portfolio of assets, all managed by us: an experienced investment manager.


Over the last 20 years, we have helped over 270,000 Kiwis on their investment journey. We have one of the largest most experienced investment teams in New Zealand, with over 250+ combined years of investing expertise. We share our knowledge with our clients to help them make better financial decisions.

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