Income Fund


A conservative investment option


as at 13/02/19
as at 31/01/2019
after fees and before tax
as at 31/01/2019
after fees and before tax
If you had invested $10,000 at
inception, today it would be worth ...
inception date 18/04/2011

About the Fund

The Income Fund gives our clients access to a diverse portfolio of fixed interest investments from around the globe. This fund combines our rigorous investment research with active portfolio management. As well as being an option to invest in this fund as part of a diversified investment strategy across our managed funds, this fund offers an alternative to bank deposits. Your money is invested throughout the world in a range of industries and sectors that are not available in Australasia, providing added diversification. Because this fund is designed to be a more conservative fund there are no investments in shares. You can also access your money at any time and there is a low minimum for investment.

Why choose the Income Fund

Cash and fixed interest plays an important stabilising role in any investment portfolio. Think of it as something of a financial umbrella to offer your portfolio protection in difficult market conditions. This is because these types of investments are expected to offer more stable, though lower, returns over the long term.

Growth of $10,000 invested in the Fund since inception

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Sector Split

as at 31 January 2019

Sector Split

Geographic Split

as at 31 January 2019

Sector Split

Your portfolio team

David McLeish

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Senior Portfolio Manager

Quin Casey

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Senior Investment Anaylst

Matt Logan

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Senior Investment Analyst

Lyle  McNee

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Investment Analyst

Highlights and lowlights — January 2019

Your portfolios: Highlights and lowlights

Risk appetite across financial markets improved dramatically in January.  This as the United States Federal Reserve made an U-turn in their stance towards tightening monetary policy.  The ensuing relief-rally boosted valuations across a wide range of financial assets – resulting in a strong performance in a majority of the portfolio’s assets.  We continue to prepare the Fund for a tumultuous 2019 as our economic outlook continues to point to a notable slowdown in global activity.  As such, we have used this recent rebound in asset prices to further reduce our corporate bond holdings, in favour of higher quality government bonds.

Necessary as they are, on the rare occasion where almost all financial assets are registering strong gains, it was the portfolios cash holdings that dragged back performance most this month.  We continue to hold an above-average level of liquidity in the portfolio at present as we expect a deteriorating economic outcome in 2019 to drive corporate bond yields higher (and therefore prices lower).  Until such time as our economic outlook changes or corporate bond yields reflect our current outlook, we would expect liquidity to remain high.


Portfolio holdings

Portfolio holdings

The Fund holds a range of different investments, including corporate and Government bonds, as well as cash holdings. See below for more detail on these.

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