11 November 2021

    Fisher Funds Answers: What is a managed fund?

    Managed funds make investing simple. Whether you’re just getting started or looking to expand your investment portfolio, managed funds enable you to instantly invest in a diversified portfolio of assets. There are different investing options that have varying targeted growth rates and degrees of risk, and you can choose the one that fits best with your financial goals. Chief Investment Officer, Ashley Gardyne explains more on this below.

    In a managed fund, your money is pooled together with other investors to create a larger fund that allows for stronger buying power and access to investment opportunities you may not necessarily have access to as an individual investor. This means you don't have to directly invest in companies yourself.

    With us, you will be buying into some of the best companies, fixed interest investments and even commercial property, all supported by our investment management expertise. Essentially you could be a part owner of great companies such as the likes of Google, Amazon or Mainfreight.

    One of the key benefits of investing with us is that you can learn to become a better investor. Our advice team is here to help you make smart decisions with your money and tailor an investment strategy to suit your goals. We will keep you informed through regular communications and newsroom articles. You'll know where your money is invested, and why we select the companies or fixed interest investments for our funds.

    Our Managed Funds

    We have six different funds for you to invest in, each with its own unique qualities and actively managed by our experienced investment team.

    Mixed Asset Portfolios

    In these funds your money is invested across a range of assets from the get-go. Our Mixed Asset Portfolios include a blend of growth assets such as property and shares, as well as lower risk classes like cash and fixed interest. These investments are spread geographically too, across markets in New Zealand and overseas. You'll be diversified from the moment you invest.

    Take our Investor Profile Questionnaire or speak to one of our team to find out which investment solution fits your goals best:

    • Growth

    • Balanced

    • Conservative

    Single Sector Funds

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