30 May 2022

    What does market volatility mean for my investments?

    So far 2022 has been a bumpy ride for markets and it is understandable for investors to feel nervous as they look at their investments. Chief Investment Officer, Ashley Gardyne, discusses the current market volatility and what may be causing it. 

    It is in times like these that it's important to remain focused on your long-term investment goals and to try to look past this current market volatility.

    While you may be experiencing a few ups and downs in your investment balance, it is possible to view this volatility as an opportunity. This is exactly what our investment team is doing, using our SMART Active Investment Management™ approach to invest in new companies or increase our holdings in existing companies that sit within our portfolios.

    Investment strategies like staged investing or dollar-cost averaging allow you to stagger contributions to your investments, buying units at different values. This may help 'smooth the ride' of your investment and should work in your favour when markets start to recover. 

    We have a team of experienced, expert advisers who can help you create an investment strategy that is suitable for you, feel free to request a call to discuss.

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