Level 2 Update

The Fisher Funds team is back to being primarily office based. Our team will be fully compliant with all the expectations set out by the Government, and if you are visiting us you can be assured that we will be operating a safe hygienic environment, and observing social distancing guidelines.



See how your savings can grow over time and the
effect of compound returns on your savings.


Results are in today's dollars — this means that any amount you save in the future will have the same buying power as this many dollars today. Inflation has been assumed at 2% per annum. For example, $200,000 saved today will be worth $120,000 in 20 years time.

This calculator is designed to give you ballpark figures only — in other words, they won't be exact to the last dollar. Returns are subject to investment and other risks (including loss of income and principal invested) and are not guaranteed. Actual returns will vary depending on the investment performance of your chosen fund or funds.

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