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Investment Series


Diversification is our driving influence


The Fisher Funds Investment Series offers a complete family of managed funds to help those more conservative, risk averse investors through to those who are seeking capital growth. The asset classes included within the Fisher Funds Investment Series are cash, fixed interest, property and shares.

The Funds can be used on their own to provide exposure to a specific asset class, or in conjunction with each other to create a diversified investment portfolio.

Investment Philosophy behind the Investment Series

Diversification is our driving influence

The funds in the Fisher Funds Investment Series are managed first and foremost with the principle of diversification in mind. Diversification can lessen the impact of poor performance of any individual security and potentially provide investors with smoother returns. In the case of international shares this could mean that the portfolio is comprised of several hundred companies. When it comes to international fixed income the portfolio could include over 500 different securities across a wide range of countries and sectors.

A disciplined investment approach

Before an investment is included in any of our funds it is subject to robust analysis. Our preferred investments are selected based on the quality of the underlying business and the level of risk the investment contributes to the portfolio.

This approach applies to investments selected by the investment team at Fisher Funds as well as the other external investment managers who manage money on behalf of the funds.

Active management of foreign currency exposure

Some of our funds invest in international markets (in addition to New Zealand). The investment managers are mindful of the possible effect of exchange rate movements on the value of international investments and can use currency hedges (within a permitted range) to offset some of this risk. The actual hedging levels may vary and are at our discretion.

A prudent approach to portfolio management

Where portfolios consist of a combination of several asset classes (such as the Fisher Funds Multi Sector Fund) the Fisher Funds team uses analysis of long term volatility to determine a mix of asset classes that best suits the risk profile of those particular funds. This is regularly reviewed in line with market developments and performance so that our portfolios are optimised for the current investing environment.

External Investment Managers

We use the following external investment managers:

International fixed interest investments


We use PIMCO for their expertise in global fixed income. PIMCO is one of the largest global fixed interest managers in the world1 managing nearly $US2 trillion. They have more than 2000 dedicated professionals in more than 12 countries focused on a single mission: to manage risks and deliver returns for their clients2.


Wellington International Management Company

We use Wellington for their expertise in global fixed income and because their style complements the style of PIMCO, our other international fixed interest manager. Wellington is a market leader with over US$403 billion of fixed income assets under management1. Their most distinctive strength is their proprietary, independent research, the purpose of which is to generate differentiated, moneymaking ideas for their clients2.

1 Wellington Management
Wellington Management

Our Investment Series Funds

Funds from the Fisher Funds Investment Series can be used on their own to provide exposure to a specific asset class, or in conjunction with each other to create a diversified investment portfolio. Learn more about each of the funds by clicking on the links below.

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