Level 2 Update

The Fisher Funds team is back to being primarily office based. Our team will be fully compliant with all the expectations set out by the Government, and if you are visiting us you can be assured that we will be operating a safe hygienic environment, and observing social distancing guidelines.

We believe that people and relationships play critical roles in managing your wealth

It all starts with you. The cornerstone of our personalised Premium Service is your relationship manager, a dedicated Authorised Financial Adviser who becomes the link between you and the Fisher Funds team of investment specialists.

Personalised advice

Personalised advice

Once we understand your needs and goals, we then craft your wealth management plan tailored specifically to you. Our advisers can give you confidence that your future plans are achievable, and if you are not on track, we can help put the right strategy in place (or come up with more reasonable goals).

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A tailored investment solution

A tailored investment solution

We strongly believe in the benefits of having a diversified investment portfolio. The Premium Service provides you access to the full range of assets classes.

Whether you are a conservative investor looking to protect your capital or comfortable taking a little more risk in search of growth, we can tailor an investment to suit your needs from a mix of our funds.

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