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06 May, 2020

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Right now Kiwis are asking: is it the right time to invest? 

Robbie Urqhart is a Senior Portfolio Manager in our investment team. He makes investment decisions all day, every day making him a great person to answer this. If you're thinking about investing - for the first time or adding to an existing investment or KiwiSaver account - and you're wondering if it's the right time, watch this short video.  



It can be uncomfortable when you first move your money from a bank account into an investment, where it has the potential to fluctuate in value. The important thing is to understand your investing goals and timeframes, then establish how much risk you are ready to take on. You don't have to do this on your own, there are advisers and tools to help you do this. Once you have reached this point you can create a long-term investment strategy. If it's your first time investing this might sound daunting but this can be more simple than it might sound and we're here to help you do it.  

Getting Started

If you're nervous about taking the first step, or if you'd like some expert advice then contact us to speak with one of our advisers. If you are feeling more confident then start with our Investor Profile Questionnaire to find out what type of investor you are, and what kind of strategy you are comfortable with. 

For more answers to questions like this as well as insights from our investment team, visit our video library.

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How we invest

How we invest

The bedrock of our investment process is a philosophy or set of beliefs that set out what we believe drives share prices, where best to look for investment opportunities and how we should organise ourselves to identify and profit from these opportunities.

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