04 June 2020

    Fisher Funds Answers: What KiwiSaver fund should I be in?

    There are three key things to think about when you select your KiwiSaver fund, your age, the length of time you are investing, and how comfortable you are with risk. Senior KiwiSaver Specialist, Carly Bartlett explains below.

    Fisher Funds KiwiSaver Scheme has two fund types, Growth and Conservative, as well as a Balanced Strategy which is a mix of the two funds. A breakdown of each can be found below. Picking the right fund for you is easier than it sounds,  the first step is to complete our online Investor Profile Questionnaire. Alternatively get in touch with the team on 0508 FISHER or via email, we can discuss your investment goals and timeframe to help you make a decision that suits you.

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    Fisher Funds KiwiSaver Scheme Funds

    Growth Fund

    The Growth Fund aims to grow your savings with more focus on capital growth over the long term and it is invested mainly in growth assets (shares, equity & property). This fund is higher risk so it means there will be more ups and downs in the value throughout your investment journey but it has the potential to generate higher returns for you over the long term.

    This is suitable for:

    • A longer term investor (5 years+) and they have time for their investment to recover if it does go down in value.

    • Someone who is comfortable with the potential of some ups and downs in their balance with an expectation of long term growth.

    • Someone who is looking to aggressively grow their KiwiSaver savings in the long term.

    Conservative Fund

    The Conservative Fund aims to provide moderate protection for your savings, while also providing a modest level of return over the medium term. It is invested mainly in income assets with a small amount in growth assets such as shares and property. While this fund is designed to be conservative, the value of the fund may go down as well as up.

    This is suitable for:

    • A short term investors who may be looking to withdraw their KiwiSaver savings in the medium term.

    • Someone who wants a lower level of risk.

    • Someone who is nearing retirement. Although it is important to think about how you will use your KiwiSaver savings during retirement, will you withdraw it in one lump sum, use it to top up your super, or will you not touch it for the first part of your retirement.

    Balanced Strategy

    This strategy aims to provide a balance between protecting your savings and growing them over the long term. Invested in a balance of income and growth assets, and automatically re balanced each year to a target fund mix determined by us, within a range of 40% to 50% Conservative Fund and 50% to 60% Growth Fund.

    This is suitable for:

    • A medium to long term investor who wants a balance between maintaining their savings balance and growing their investment

    • Someone who values the security of their savings as much as getting a high return and is ok with ups and downs along the way

    Complete our online Investor Profile Questionnaire now to find out which fund suits you, or contact us on 0508 FISHER. If you already know which fund you would like to be in, joining online takes 2 minutes, join now.

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