29 May 2022

    Fisher Funds Answers: What's your approach to responsible investing?

    At Fisher Funds we think like business owners. We invest in companies with a long term time horizon in mind. As part of this, we believe that it is important for well managed companies to think about more than just maximising today’s profits. We only want to partner with businesses that value and guard their reputation. This includes taking into account the impact they have on the Environment, and Society around them – how they affect their customers, communities in which they operate and their employees. It also takes into account what Governance structures they have in place. Do directors act responsibly or are they cheerleaders for management.

    These beliefs are included in our investment approach through our Responsible Investing policies which have been part of our investment framework for many years. These Responsible Investing policies apply to all our funds ensuring that any investment with Fisher Funds is held to the same high standard.

    Senior Portfolio Manager Robbie Urquhart explains our approach to these Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations.

    We have a three-pronged approach to responsible investing:

    1. Avoid the bad: We will not invest in companies that produce goods or services that can’t be used responsibly or that cause widespread harm. 

    2. Promote change: The world is complex, and there are many shades of grey between the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’. We appreciate this and actively work to promote positive change through speaking with our companies. We express our views and hold them to account. We add pressure by exercising our voting rights as shareholders.  

    3. Embrace the good: Understanding how a company works with its stakeholders, how it treats the environment, and how it manages its governance responsibilities is a key element in our in-depth company research process. Viewing a company through this lens helps us make better investment decisions and results in portfolios that we can all be proud to own.

    For more details on our approach, and to join the conversation, visit here. Below is a list of excluded companies and the Fisher Funds responsible investing policy.

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    Fisher Funds responsible investing policy »

    Principles for Responsible Investment

    We are a signatory to the Principles for Responsible Investment and have a Responsible Investing Policy that touches on every element of our investment process.