23 November 2021

    Fisher Funds partners with NZ Herald for a new investment podcast


    We’re excited to announce that Fisher Funds has partnered with the NZ Herald for their new investment and finance podcast ‘Continuous Disclosure’, which takes an expert look at some of the biggest stories in the financial and investment world, episodes will be released fortnightly.

    Fisher Funds team members will feature on a regular basis providing commentary and insights along with a range of other expert guests as chosen by the NZ Herald business editorial team.

    You can find the first episode of Continuous Disclosure and can subscribe to be notified about future episodes on iHeart Radio, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or any of the normal places you find podcasts.

    Episode 1: What you need to know about ethical investments

    The first episode features Robbie Urquhart, Senior Portfolio Manager, who takes a deep dive into what Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) really means, and explains our approach to responsible investing.

    At Fisher Funds we’re committed to investing your money responsibly. Companies that don’t treat their communities well, that harm the environment, or lack a moral compass are less likely to be successful over time. That makes them not just bad for society and the environment, but also makes them bad investments. You can learn more about our approach to responsible investing here.