Fees and expenses

    Understand the fees and expenses for Fisher Funds KiwiSaver Plan

    What are the fees for the Fisher Funds KiwiSaver Plan?

    Fisher Funds charges a fee to manage your investment in the Fisher Funds KiwiSaver Plan.

    The total estimated annual fund charges below are a reasonable estimate of the annual fund charges that are likely to be charged in the future based on a combination of forecast expenses and historic estimated expenses charged to the underlying funds which the Funds invest in. Where your balance in the Default Fund is $1500 or less, we do not charge an annual fund charge for that balance in that fund.

    For the Fisher Funds KiwiSaver Plan there is a minimum charge for the Annual Management Fee component of the annual fund charge which is $40. If you invest in more than one fund, this minimum applies pro-rata across those funds (excluding any portion in the Default Fund). We don't charge a membership fee on top of the Annual Management Fee.


    Total estimated annual fund charges

    (% of net asset value)





    Default Conservative**










    • *

      Our CashPlus fund is closed to new members.

    • **

      The Default Conservative fund was named the Default fund prior to 1 December 2021.

    Buy and sell spreads

    Although under normal trading and market conditions Fisher Funds doesn’t apply buy and sell spreads, Fisher Funds may choose to do so - for example, during periods of exceptionally high transaction volumes.

    You can find out if any buy or sell spreads have been applied here.


    We provide the following information on how tax is calculated by the Fisher Funds KiwiSaver Plan as a general guide only and neither we nor the Supervisor for the Fisher Funds KiwiSaver Plan accept any responsibility for your taxation liabilities. Please seek independent tax advice before investing.

    PIE tax treatment and timing

    The Fisher Funds KiwiSaver Plan is a multi-rate Portfolio Investment Entity (PIE) for tax purposes. This means that any taxable income of the Fisher Funds KiwiSaver Plan will be taxed at your Prescribed Investor Rate (PIR).

    We’ll calculate the tax on your share of taxable income based on the PIR that you provide. Your PIE tax payable to Inland Revenue will be funded by cancelling a portion of your units. We’ll issue additional units to reflect the amount of any tax rebate owed to you, this may not occur until the rebate is received from Inland Revenue. PIE tax payable is withheld as at 31 March or on any full or partial withdrawals, including switches between funds.

    If your balance is equal to or less than the tax that is payable on income earned since the start of the tax year, we will cancel any remaining units and pay the tax liability to Inland Revenue. If your balance is less than the tax liability, then you, at our discretion, indemnify us (and where applicable, the Supervisor of the Fisher Funds KiwiSaver Plan) in respect of any tax payable.

    PIRs and individual members

    Individuals who are New Zealand tax residents determine their PIR based on their taxable income and their total income, including PIE income in the previous two income years. To work out your PIR, consult the table below, call us on 0508 347 437, or use Inland Revenue’s 'Find my prescribed investor rate' calculator.