KiwiSaver fees explained


The following information is designed to help you understand the fees and charges you pay for your KiwiSaver account.

Two types of charges apply:

  • A general administration account fee of $3 per month per member ($36 a year) is deducted from your KiwiSaver account at the end of each month. This pays for your account set up and maintenance and our interaction with the IRD etc. 
  • Fees are charged to the funds also for management, trustee services, custody, unit pricing and other costs incurred by the scheme such as brokerage and audit fees.

These fees pay for the specialist investment expertise we employ to research and identify the companies to invest your savings in, manage risks and take advantage of opportunities as they arise. They also pay for underlying investment costs such as brokerage and audit fees.

You are not required to pay any additional money towards fees and expenses

The account fee is deducted from your account each month and is shown on your statement. The other fees and charges are deducted from the fund and are reflected in the fund's unit price which affects the returns you receive.

There is no fee for joining or leaving the Fisher Funds KiwiSaver Scheme

You can also change your investment strategy at no cost. When it's time to use your retirement nest egg, we will not charge you a withdrawal fee.
Please refer to the latest quarterly fund updates for up to date fee disclosure.

Example of how fees are applied

Mary invests $10,000 in the Conservative Fund. If her balance stays the same she'll pay a total of $135 for the year. Here's the breakdown

  • Account fee = $36 ($3 x 12 months)
  • Other fees & charges = $99 ($10,000 x 0.99%)
  • The amount for other fees and charges will vary if Mary's account balance increases or decreases over the year.

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