See what companies your money is invested into

See what companies your money is invested into

Read about the companies your KiwiSaver savings is invested in. Many of these are household names and we think that by explaining where your money is invested and why you'll have a better understanding of what is happening with your KiwiSaver savings.

View a selection of companies we invest in.

Personalised KiwiSaver reports

Personalised KiwiSaver reports »

Every quarter our clients who have online access receive a personalised report on their KiwiSaver account clearly explaining where their savings have come from and where it is invested, down to the last dollar and cent.

Monthly news

Monthly news »

We'll email you regular news and views from your investment team - visit our newsroom to read the latest articles.

Fund updates — compare funds

Fund updates — compare funds »

Our fund updates tell you how the investment funds have performed and what fees they charged, and will help you compare with other funds.


"I am very happy with the way they communicate with me and my investment seems to be doing well. I feel confident in Fisher Funds because of the way they keep me informed about the fund and the people involved"

Can I just say that this newsletter is awesome!  You have hit the right balance (for me anyway) of information, education and entertainment!

Well done!"

"Hi Fisher Funds.
Just a quick note to say thanks for such a interesting news letter this month.
A excellent publication with a touch of everything in it.
A great balance of humour, fact, wisdom, advice and story telling.
Carmel I loved your analogy on investing, with your dog. Many thanks for such a excellent news letter.
Kindest regards to you all.
Happy investing."

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