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Wage or salary earner

You can choose to contribute either 3%, 4%, 6%, 8% or 10% of your wage or salary (before tax) to your KiwiSaver account. If you don't make a choice, your contribution rate will default to 3%. If you wish to change your contribution rate, the best way to do this is via your myIR account. Once you're logged in, click on 'More' in the KiwiSaver section and then type in 'rate' in the search bar. Next, you'll see the option to 'Change KiwiSaver contribution rate'. Once you've made your changes, click 'Submit'.

Your employer deducts your contributions and forwards them to Inland Revenue along with their employer contributions for processing. You can learn more about how your contributions are processed here.

Want to make voluntary contributions?

You can also make additional contributions whenever you like to give your retirement savings an extra boost by contributing directly to your Fisher Funds KiwiSaver Scheme account. Choose from our flexible payment options.

Want to take a break from contributing?

Sometimes things get tight, or priorities change, and you need to take a break from contributing for a while. After contributing to KiwiSaver for a minimum of 12 months you can apply to Inland Revenue for a savings suspension.

Making a small increase in your contributions now could make a big difference when you want to withdraw your funds at retirement.

Case study: Tom is a 20-year-old graphic designer who earns $40,000 before tax each year and has decided to join KiwiSaver. By choosing to contribute 4% of his salary, as opposed to 3%, Tom will have an extra $47,178 in his KiwiSaver account when he reaches the age of 65.

wage or salary earner contributions

These calculations have been made using Sorted's online KiwiSaver account calculator based on a number of assumptions.

Self/not employed

If you are self-employed or not employed you are not required to contribute to your KiwiSaver account, but if you can afford to pay $20 per week it will ensure you receive the maximum contribution of $521.43 from the Government each year.

It is easiest to contribute directly to the Scheme. You can do this through regular contributions or lump sum payments. Check out our flexible payment options.

Maximising Government contributions combined with the power of compounding can make a big difference to the size of your nest egg at retirement.

Starting age

Contributions per week




20 $38,223 $76,233 $139,935
30 $24,523 $49,046 $90,984
40 $14,559 $29,118 $54,941
50 $7,312 $14,624 $28,190
60 $2,075 $4,151 $8,218

These calculations have been made using Sorted's online KiwiSaver account calculator based on a number of assumptions.

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