The final Smart Investor Webinar of 2021 - 4pm, 9 December

Cath Lomax, Chief Client Officer, will be facilitating this session with Ashley Gardyne, Chief Investment Officer, and our Senior Portfolio Managers. They will share portfolio updates, key trends and lessons learned from 2021, and what could be in store for 2022.

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Cruise to retirement with GlidePath

GlidePath is a service that might make your KiwiSaver journey even better! You see being in the right type of fund for your age and your investment timeframe are important to help you make the most out of KiwiSaver, so we designed GlidePath to help you with that.

GlidePath automatically allocates and adjusts your savings annually to a fund or a mix of funds that we believe is appropriate for a typical person based on your age at the time. You don’t have to worry about regularly reviewing how your KiwiSaver account is invested — you can set and forget as GlidePath takes away the hassle by automatically adjusting your investment.

Why is this important?

When you are younger you are in a position to accept more investment risk in exchange for potentially greater returns. This is because you have time on your side to make up for any short term investment losses that you may experience. When you get closer to retirement it makes sense for most people to reduce the risk on their portfolio in order to have more stable returns. This is achieved by having a higher proportion of income assets.

Benefits of GlidePath



You are always invested in a fund or mix of funds that we believe is appropriate for your age



Fisher Funds research drives your investment mix

No cost

No cost

There are no additional fees to sign up to GlidePath



You can opt into and out of GlidePath at any time



Annual confirmation of changes to your investment mix

How does GlidePath work?

GlidePath automatically adjusts your savings at regular intervals to deliver a smoother investing journey over the long term. Up to age 46, you are wholly invested in the Growth Fund. The Growth Fund has an allocation to income assets of up to 19% so it is only at age 46 that our modelling increases the exposure to income assets above that level. At age 86, clients are invested 100% into the Conservative Fund and cannot achieve any higher exposure to income assets. The switch to your new investment strategy takes place automatically — once every year around the 15th of March, June, September or December following your birthday.

Change in growth assets in GlidePath

Is GlidePath suitable for everyone?

No. GlidePath does not take into account your personal circumstances and may not be suitable for all members. For example, it may not be suitable for someone saving for their first home as it assumes you are saving for your retirement.


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