Update - 28 February 2021

Given the latest COVID-19 update our whole team are now working from home. We’ve worked successfully this way before and know our organisation remains fully functional. Our Client Services team are available to answer any questions you have, although you may reach them faster by email. You can also check the balance of your account and make changes to your investment, such as updating your tax rate through Fisher Funds Online. We hope you and your families stay safe.

KiwiSaver gives new meaning to retiring in comfort


I'm looking forward to feeling my plush new carpet knowing it's something I would never have had if it wasn't for KiwiSaver.
Sharon, Papamoa

KiwiSaver gives new meaning to retiring in comfort

When KiwiSaver was launched in July 2007, many people joined who were within "cooee" of retirement; they would never be able to rely on KiwiSaver completely to fund their retirement. But for others, like Sharon Middlebrook, it was a bit of a bonus. Fast forward to 2017, and KiwiSaver is about to give Sharon her own magic carpet ride. Sharon explains ...

"I joined KiwiSaver at the beginning because, just like everyone said, it was a "no brainer". Even though I only had just over 10 years to save, there was no way I was going to leave money from my employer and the Government sitting there.

"I had seen write ups in the paper about how good Fisher Funds was, so it was an easy decision to select them for my KiwiSaver account. It was the best thing I did, because Fisher Funds have worked well for me and have grown my money significantly! It's a real whoohoo moment for me! Aside from how well my balance has grown, I've also really appreciated the reminders they've sent me every year to top up my account to ensure I maximise the Government contribution — I don't want to miss out on my free money!

"I am semi-retired now and have a year and a half to go before I am 65 and can access my KiwiSaver funds. My house is in desperate need of re-carpeting (I am really sick of adding mats to cover worn bits!) and so I am about to get lovely new carpet soon, as I can take advantage of a carpet deal with no interest and nothing to pay till 2019, knowing that I can draw on my KiwiSaver savings then to pay for it. Awesome!


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