Why invest with Fisher Funds Scroll

Common sense

At its core, our investment approach is hands-on and straightforward. We rely on our own first-hand research, we trust our instincts and we learn from our years of experience in order to create the very best investment portfolios for you.


We are accountable, transparent and candid in everything we do. You will always know where your money is invested and how it is performing. We believe communication is as important as investing - we're proud of what we do and we want to share it with you.


We have one of New Zealand's largest and most experienced investment teams managing your money. They have experienced and learned lessons from all manner of investment conditions.


We are big enough to matter and small enough to care. More than 250,000 clients trust us to manage their savings. Whether you are a first time investor, a potential KiwiSaver member or a seasoned investor, we can help you.


We have a deeply embedded culture of service and client centricity. Our team is committed to growing our clients' wealth and enabling them to live better lives.

Here's what some of our clients have to say:

Fisher Funds Testimonial — Dave
As a recent transfer in from another provider let me compliment you on the information sharing and general feedback....top marks...it gives a feeling of connectedness not previously there.
Fisher Funds Testimonial — Carey
I just wanted to make contact and say I really appreciate the information that I get on my KiwiSaver Account. I hardly ever got anything from Tower and it told me very little.

I really appreciate the prompt detailed information I now get from Fisher Funds and the user friendly website with answers at the fingertips.

Thank you so much for making a confusing area a little easier to understand.
Fisher Funds Testimonial — Richard
I've exchanged a number of emails and phone calls with Fisher Funds recently. Minor stuff in terms of value in the context of your business – KiwiSaver logins and passwords, setting up a managed fund for the kids etc. I have been very impressed with the efficiency, friendliness, helpfulness and professionalism of the staff member I have been dealing with. I got the sense that it wouldn't have mattered I was your smallest or largest client.

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