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Its effect on the global financial markets

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Frank Jasper, Chief Investment Officer

Frank Jasper
Chief Investment Officer | Email Frank »

04 March, 2020

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Over the past week week the pendulum swung from greed to fear; from a very buoyant start to 2020 on global share markets, to falling in excess of 10%. A fall of more than 10% is commonly referred as a correction. According to data from Deutsche Bank Global research six days is the fastest correction in the S&P 500, the most recognised measure for the performance of the United States share market, on record. Ever.

At the same time the rush to embrace safe haven assets has meant interest rates have fallen towards all-time lows in almost every market around the world. In the United States 10 year treasury rates fell are now below 1%. That is an all-time low.

Watch Chief Investment Officer Frank Jasper discuss this.

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