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Fisher Funds Answers: Should I move my money to a conservative fund?

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28 July, 2022

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During times of market volatility, some of our clients ask if they should move into a more conservative fund. As KiwiSaver Specialist, Nefe Teare explains in this video, the short answer is no, not unless your financial goals or your investment timeframe have changed.


If you are in a growth or balanced strategy, it may be hard to see your balance drop. However, it is important to remember that KiwiSaver is a long-term investment and for most people, deciding to move to a conservative fund based on today’s market activity when you have 5 years or more until you plan to withdraw it will mean you miss out on any potential growth when markets recover. It is likely that you should remain in your current investment strategy. Simply said, now is the time to be patient.

When is the right time to be in a conservative strategy?

Conservative strategies are suitable for those who plan on withdrawing their KiwiSaver investment within the next 2 years – either for their first home purchase or retirement.

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