Level 2 Update

The Fisher Funds team is back to being primarily office based. Our team will be fully compliant with all the expectations set out by the Government, and if you are visiting us you can be assured that we will be operating a safe hygienic environment, and observing social distancing guidelines.

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31 July, 2020

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Fisher Funds Online is the easiest way for clients to track and manage their investments online using mobile, tablet or desktop.

Setting up Fisher Funds Online is quick and means you can easily:

- Monitor your investment earnings and balance
- Check and change your account information
- Make one-off or regular contributions
- View the latest unit prices

If you're a client, registering for access to Fisher Funds Online is simple:

  1. Enter your personal details.
  2. We'll send a confirmation email to verify it's you.
  3. Click the email link to setup your username and password - you're good to go!?


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