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May 2022: Fisher Funds in the News

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26 May, 2022

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Fisher Funds has an amazing team of experts who are often asked by journalists and media commentators for their opinions on all sorts of topics - from investment products like KiwiSaver and Managed Funds, to broader economic trends in New Zealand and around the world. These articles and comments appear in newspapers, radio programmes and other media channels.

Read and listen to what the team were talking about in the last month.


Read: 'The 800-pound gorilla' - How Costco is taking on the supermarket duopoly

11 May 2022


Harry Smith - Portfolio Manager

The cost-of-living crisis appears to be making headlines every other day with a hot topic being the price we are paying for everyday items at the supermarket. Most solutions offered have been around what regulatory regime changes could be made to rein in the powerful duopoly of Foodstuffs and Woolworths New Zealand. But there is another solution, and it’s about to open its first warehouse in West Auckland. Costco.

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Listen: Continuous Disclosure - What the big sharemarket shake-up means for KiwiSavers

4 May 2022

NZ Herald

Ashley Gardyne - Chief Investment Officer

In this Continuous Disclosure podcasts, our Chief Investment Officer, Ashley Gardyne, sat down with New Zealand Herald's Business Editor at Large, Liam Dann. They discussed what is causing the current market volatility, how it is impacting KiwiSaver investors and what they should do. They also look back at how KiwiSaver has evolved over the past 15 years and what needs to happen to keep it growing and succeeding as a scheme.


Read: What if rate hikes do more harm than good

4 April 2022

NZ Herald

David McLeish - Head of Fixed Income

Consumer prices are rising at their fastest pace in over 30 years and the answer to taming this rampant inflation is sharply higher interest rates. This is the conventional wisdom of today. But is it right? One thing is for sure, there will be huge consequences if it’s not. 

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Listen: Expectations low for reporting season among big tech industries

28 April 2022

Newstalk ZB

Sam Dickie - Senior Portfolio Manager

It is reporting season in the US and several big tech companies have announced their earnings. After Netflix’s stocks dropped to 45 per cent last week, expectations have been low. 

Senior portfolio manager, Sam Dickie, joined Heather du Plessis-Allan on Newstalk ZB to talk about the surprises and companies that have stood out to him. 

Read: Volatile market - Retail investors urged to sit tight


10 May 2022


Sam Dickie - Senior Portfolio Manager

With ongoing stock market turbulence, Sam Dickie talked to RNZ's Senior Business Reporter, Nona Pelletier, about the benefits of sitting tight and getting financial advice before making financial decisions.

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Read: War, inflation and energy shocks

27 April 2022


Robbie Urquhart - Senior Portfolio Manager

In this opinion piece, Robbie Urquhart talk about the importance of a thoughtful approach to ESG principles (Environmental, Social, and Governance) against a backdrop of war, inflation and energy shocks.

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