16 August 2022

    Fisher Funds Answers: What are some quick tips for KiwiSaver?

    Making the most of KiwiSaver now could make a huge difference in your investment journey. KiwiSaver and Managed Funds Specialist, George Ring, highlights three quick tips if you're looking to do a quick check-up on your KiwiSaver investment.

    1. Check you’re in the right fund

    Your fund choice should be based on your goals, your investment timeframe, and your comfort level with risk. Growth funds may suit people with a longer investment journey and a higher appetite for risk while conservative funds may be better suited for someone wanting to withdraw their funds within the next couple of years.

    2. Check your contributions

    If you meet the criteria, make sure you're contributing at least $1042.86 each year to receive your $521.43 annual government contribution.

    Also, if you're in a position to do so, increasing your contribution rate now could make a huge difference to your KiwiSaver balance when it comes to retirement.

    3. Keep your details up to date

    If you change your phone number, email address, or move home, update your details with your provider so they can reach you. Fisher Funds clients can easily update their details and make changes to their investments via Fisher Funds Online, alternatively, our Client Services team is available to help. 

    It is a great idea to check in on your KiwiSaver investment once or twice a year and if you have any questions about KiwiSaver or would like to discuss your investment, you can request a call from a KiwiSaver Specialist, call us on 0508 FISHER (0508 347 437), email us, or talk to us on live chat.

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