08 August 2016

    Latest Morningstar KiwiSaver survey good reading for Fisher Funds KiwiSaver members


    Independent research house Morningstar has just released their latest quarterly performance survey of KiwiSaver schemes for the period ending June 2016. Pleasingly, our Conservative Fund and Growth Fund were ranked 2nd and 1st respectively in their categories for returns for the 12 months ended June.

    While we normally wouldn't focus too much on one quarterly survey the results were welcome as investors have had to weather more bouts of volatility over the last year. Our performance was a reflection of our more defensive positioning relative to many of our competitors and was an outcome of improvements from across a number of asset classes rather than just one or two that had their "day in the sun".

    Diversification is an important tool in our investment team's arsenal and is an investor's friend. It ensures that your money is invested across the asset classes reducing the risk of one asset class having an outsized negative impact and at the same time ensuring you don't miss out on returns by not being invested in certain parts of the market.

    You can check out the survey here.