20 December 2022

    December 2022: Fisher Funds in the News


    Fisher Funds has an amazing team of experts who are often asked by journalists and media commentators for their opinions on all sorts of topics - from investment products like KiwiSaver and Managed Funds, to broader economic trends in New Zealand and around the world. These articles and comments appear in newspapers, radio programmes and other media channels.

    Read and listen to what the team were talking about in the last month.

    Listen: Investment advice for 2023

    15 December 2022

    Newstalk ZB

    Sam Dickie - Senior Portfolio Manager

    2022 is nearly over, and it may give investors some lessons to take into the new year.

    Sam Dickie, Senior Portfolio Manager joins Heather Du Plessis-Allan to discuss how we may have to get used to aftershocks from the Covid-19 pandemic for the next few years impacting the economy. The lockdowns generated highs and lows, and investments can turn on a dime.

    It's also important for industries to listen to consumer demand, as can be observed from the Meta saga. Demand for products changes, and it's useful to take advantage of the markets and be adaptable. Being tone-deaf to costs can hurt companies.

    Listen: Stock markets bouncing upward off the hopes rate hikes will slow down

    8 December 2022

    Newstalk ZB

    Sam Dickie - Senior Portfolio Manager

    Global stock markets have bounced upwards by almost 20 percent in the last six weeks.

    This has been influenced by global hopes that central banks are slowing down rate hikes and that inflation has peaked and on a decline.

    Sam Dickie from Fisher Funds says that this is a sign that the economy is recovering and working through the worst of inflation, but we're not out of the woods yet.

    Sam also observed that another key factor in the markets recovering involves China's gradual easing of Covid-19 restrictions, which is inspiring hope in investors.

    Listen: What the zero-Covid protests in China are doing to the markets

    8 December 2022

    Newstalk ZB

    Sam Dickie - Senior Portfolio Manager

    Covid-19 restrictions have abruptly lifted in two Chinese cities, but the country is still retaining its commitment to their 'Zero-Covid' strategy.

    This comes after days of rare mass protests from residents, where citizens clashed with police over Covid control orders and restrictions.

    So what's all this doing to our markets? Investors were understandably worried as the restrictions and ensuing protests were going on but the markets are rebounding again.

    Sam said that investors were looking at the social unrest very closely, and that added to the chill that went through the markets.

    There are signs of things easing, but China is a noisy market to watch.

    Read: What are the alternatives to hiking the official cash rate?

    25 November 2022

    NZ Herald

    David McLeish – Head of Fixed Income

    Fisher Funds Head of Fixed Income David McLeish says we should think about these as tools to maintain the stability of the financial system, by restricting the number of risky loans on a bank’s books, rather than as tools to influence demand across the entire economy.

    “I don’t think that’s an obvious and clear tool, in my opinion, to control things like inflation or even near-term growth.”

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    Read: Rising interest rates see gravity return to financial markets

    22 November 2022


    Ashley Gardyne - Chief Investment Officer

    With gravity again applying its traditional force on asset prices, investing may be a harder slog in years ahead.

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