13 November 2017

    A way to cruise to retirement you might not know about

    We’re excited to launch a fantastic new service called GlidePath to new and existing members of the Fisher Funds KiwiSaver Scheme. GlidePath automatically allocates and adjusts how your KiwiSaver account is invested to a fund or mix of funds that is appropriate for your age. It’s like having your KiwiSaver account on cruise control — Fisher Funds “changes the gears” for you.

    So if you like the idea of a careful eye keeping watch over your KiwiSaver account while you get on with life, read on.

    One of the most important decisions you can make about your KiwiSaver account is how it is invested. While we provide an investor profile questionnaire to help people think about their appetite for ups and downs, for many this is new territory. They’ve never had to make such a decision, especially for what is typically a very long time.

    It’s not only when joining KiwiSaver that people need help, but we should review how things are tracking along the way and if the fund or mix of funds we’re in remains appropriate. While we all have good intentions, we know that most people don’t review their KiwiSaver account as often as they should, if at all.

    That’s where the value of GlidePath really comes into its own. There’s no need to second guess the savings path you’re on or regularly review how your money is invested.

    How does GlidePath work?

    GlidePath automatically adjusts your savings every year from age 46 to 86 to deliver a smoother investing journey over the long term. When you are younger, you are in a position to accept more investment risk in exchange for potentially greater returns, because you have time on your side to make up for any short term declines in the value of your investment.

    Younger people can therefore afford to have a higher proportion of growth assets. As you get closer to retirement though, it is sensible for most people to increase the level of income assets and reduce their growth assets, in order to have more stable returns.

    GlidePath takes away the hassle of thinking about whether to change tack and by how much.

    What’s in it for you?

    • You’re always invested in a fund or mix of funds we believe is appropriate for your age

    • Fisher Funds research drives your investment mix

    • There’s no extra cost to sign up to GlidePath

    • You can opt into and out of GlidePath at any time

    • Annual confirmation of account changes

    Is GlidePath suitable for everyone?

    GlidePath does not take into account your personal circumstances and may not be suitable for everyone. For example, as it assumes you are saving for retirement it may not be right for members saving for their first home.

    You can read more about GlidePath online.

    If you think GlidePath sounds like you, you can switch online at any time.