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Responsible Investing

Investing responsibly by investing wisely

Fisher Funds is committed to investing your money responsibly It’s not just the right thing to do, it’s just common sense.

Companies that don’t treat their communities well, that harm the environment or lack a moral compass are less likely to be successful over time. That makes them bad for the world and it makes them bad investments.

Watch Robbie Urqhart explain how Fisher Funds approaches Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations.

We take a three pronged approach to responsible investment.

1. Avoid the bad

We will not invest in companies that produce goods or services that can’t be used responsibly or that cause widespread harm.

This means we won't invest in:

    • Oil and gas producers or coal miners
    • Tobacco or tobacco related product growers or producers
    • Weapons manufacturers including firms that produce landmines, chemical and nuclear weapons and assault rifles
    • Casinos or other gambling firms including companies that produce specialised hardware and software used for gambling

We also consider a company’s conduct. If a firm demonstrates a sustained lack of integrity, we will not consider it as a possible investment.

2. Embrace the good

Once we have avoided the bad we then seek to embrace the good.

Understanding how a company works with its stakeholders, how it treats the environment and how it manages its governance responsibilities is a key element in our in depth company research process.

Our own research is supplemented by insight from specialist responsible investment research firm MSCI, giving us a 360 degree view of a firm and its impact on the community.

Viewing a company through this lens helps us make better investment decisions and results in portfolios that we can all be proud to own.   

3. Promote Change

The third element in our responsible investing process is promoting change.

To promote positive change we use our voting rights as shareholders and leverage our relationship with companies to hold them to account and to represent the views of our clients.  

Responsible investing is not just the right thing to do but also the wise thing. As an active manager we believe it enhances our investment process helping us select companies that are sustainable from an environmental and social as well as financial perspective.


Principles for Responsible Investment

We are a signatory to the Principles for Responsible Investment and have a Responsible Investing Policy that touches on every element of our investment process.

Be part of the conversation

Responsible investing is increasingly important to our clients and we want to know your thoughts as our policy evolves. Join the conversation and make sure your opinions count.


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