Advice team

Our financial advisers will not promise you a path to riches based on a secret formula or magic ability to pick winning investments. But they will help you sort out your financial goals and work with you to develop a plan to achieve them. Our advisers can give you confidence that our future plans are achievable, and if you are not on track, we can help you put the right strategy in place (or come up with more reasonable goals).

Cath  Lomax

Cath Lomax

Chief Client Officer

Vicki Watson

Vicki Watson »

Senior Wealth Management Adviser

Allan Carella

Allan Carella »

Head of Advice Development

Dal Jandu

Dal Jandu »

Senior Wealth Management Adviser

Kieron  Williams

Kieron Williams »

Senior Wealth Management Adviser

Louise  O'Brien

Louise O'Brien »

Senior Wealth Management Adviser

Aaron  Hinks

Aaron Hinks »

Wealth Management Adviser

Guy  Sloan

Guy Sloan »

Wealth Management Adviser

Stephany  van der Werf

Stephany van der Werf

Wealth Management Adviser

Sharon Webber

Sharon Webber »

Wealth Management Adviser

Carl  Brungar

Carl Brungar »

Senior Client Adviser

Elliott  Young

Elliott Young

Senior Client Adviser

Junior  Asilusi

Junior Asilusi

Senior Client Adviser

Kerry  Stretton

Kerry Stretton

Senior Client Adviser

Tomas Thurston

Tomas Thurston »

Senior Client Adviser

Helen Ottow

Helen Ottow

Wealth Administration Manager

Rebecca Nolan

Rebecca Nolan

Wealth Administration Manager

Nick  Zwi

Nick Zwi

KiwiSaver Specialist

Antonio  Lucero

Antonio Lucero

KiwiSaver Specialist

Annika Shallard

Annika Shallard

KiwiSaver Specialist

Investment team

Our 19 strong investment team is one of New Zealand's largest and collectively our team has more than 200 years investing experience in New Zealand and around the world. Our "best of breed" approach ensures that you benefit from experienced, informed decision making by seasoned professionals.

Mark Brighouse

Mark Brighouse »

Chief Investment Strategist

Frank Jasper

Frank Jasper »

Chief Investment Officer

Angela Quirk

Angela Quirk »

Head of Trading

David McLeish

David McLeish »

Senior Portfolio Manager — Fixed Interest

Ashley Gardyne

Ashley Gardyne »

Senior Portfolio Manager — International Shares

Sam  Dickie

Sam Dickie »

Senior Portfolio Manager — New Zealand Shares and Property & Infrastructure

Robbie Urquhart

Robbie Urquhart »

Senior Portfolio Manager — Australian Shares

Terry Tolich

Terry Tolich »

Senior Investment Analyst — Australian Shares

Chris Waters

Chris Waters »

Senior Investment Analyst — International Shares

Matt Logan

Matt Logan »

Senior Investment Analyst — Fixed Interest

Quin Casey

Quin Casey »

Senior Investment Analyst — Fixed Interest

Harry  Smith

Harry Smith »

Senior Investment Analyst

Lyle  McNee

Lyle McNee »

Investment Analyst - Fixed Interest

Delano Gallagher

Delano Gallagher »

Investment Analyst

Matt Peek

Matt Peek »

Investment Analyst — New Zealand Shares and Property & Infrastructure

Oliver  Dunn

Oliver Dunn

Portfolio Trading Associate

Brent Buchanan

Brent Buchanan »

Head of Direct Property

Luke O’Donovan

Luke O’Donovan

Quantitative Analyst

Eliza  Adams

Eliza Adams

Middle Office Associate

Professional Services team

We have a dedicated team of people who provide marketing, communications, accounting, finance, sales and administrative functions to support the delivery of a successful investing experience for clients with Fisher Funds.

Bruce McLachlan

Bruce McLachlan »

Chief Executive Officer

Jody Kaye

Jody Kaye

Chief Financial Officer

Marcus Wild

Marcus Wild

Chief Marketing Officer

Nilesh Mistry

Nilesh Mistry »

Chief Operating Officer

Patrick  Tusega

Patrick Tusega

Head of Finance

Sharon Mackay

Sharon Mackay

Head of Third Party Distribution

Melissa Thompson

Melissa Thompson

Company Accountant

Matthew Manion

Matthew Manion

Fund Accountant

Mindy  Li

Mindy Li

Assistant Accountant

Kate Meyers

Kate Meyers

Institutional Client Relationship Manager

Emma Bell

Emma Bell

Senior Manager Bank Distribution

Joanna Roberts

Joanna Roberts

Marketing Communications Manager

David  Neubauer

David Neubauer

Marketing Automation Manager

Michael  Gailey

Michael Gailey

Digital Acquisitions Manager

John McPherson

John McPherson

Technical Implementations Manager

Ben Littlewood

Ben Littlewood

Digital Product Delivery Manager

Pooja Bajaj

Pooja Bajaj

Salesforce Administrator & Analyst

Sabrina  Qi

Sabrina Qi

Data Analytics Manager

Product & Compliance team

Our compliance team work hard behind the scenes helping Fisher Funds meet their regulatory commitments; for example, making sure that our product information includes everything you need to know about the benefits and risks of investing with us. They also educate our team about the rules and regulations so that we can protect your interests and help you when legislation changes.

Elizabeth  Robertson

Elizabeth Robertson

Head of Risk & Compliance

Doug Booth

Doug Booth

Senior Product Manager

Tim Brien

Tim Brien

Product Manager

Brandon Stanaway

Brandon Stanaway

Risk & Compliance Manager

Listed Investment Companies team

This team provides administrative, accounting and client support for each of our listed investment companies; Kingfish, Barramundi and Marlin Global. These companies are listed on the New Zealand stock exchange main board and provide New Zealand investors with access to hand-picked portfolios of New Zealand, Australian and International growth companies respectively.

Wayne  Burns

Wayne Burns

Corporate Manager

Beverley Sutton

Beverley Sutton

Administration Manager

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