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Financial Wellbeing for Women

Building your wealth through life

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26 July, 2022

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A recent study from the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research found that women’s average KiwiSaver balance is 20% lower compared to men.

At Fisher Funds, we are committed to doing all that we can to help reduce that gap and ensure that Kiwi women can enjoy financial independence throughout their working lives and their retirement years. As part of our Financial Wellbeing for Women programme, we hosted a webinar – “Building and managing wealth through life”.

Our Chief Client Officer, Cath Lomax, facilitated this session with our experts. They discussed why and how women can set themselves up for financial independence through all stages of life.


  • Cath Lomax - Chief Client Officer
  • Laura O’Reilly - Senior Wealth Management Adviser
  • Victoria Carpenter - Wealth Management Adviser.


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