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Steve Matson, Senior Manager, Strategic Initiatives

Steve Matson
Senior Manager, Strategic Initiatives | Email Steve »

06 June, 2018

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Isn't it interesting how our perception of time speeds up as we get older? It is amazing to believe I'm fast approaching nearly 30 years in Financial Services. It seems like only yesterday that I was turning up for my first job in banking, albeit that was back in 1990.

I have had an exciting career which has taken me from being a bank manager in New Zealand to a doorman when I was newly in London. It wasn't long before I moved back into the financial world, this time in financial futures trading with BT. From London I moved to Sydney, applying my derivatives background to managing Risk & Compliance within Investment Banking. My final international move was full circle when I returned to NZ — for the unbeatable Kiwi lifestyle!

Over my career I have gained broad hands-on experience in Retail Banking, Investment Banking and Investment Advisory. To complement that experience, I have remained a perpetual student, completing three business degrees with the most recent being at master's level. I'm living proof that there is hope for the kids who struggle with English and History but love elegant numbers — they could enjoy an awesome career in finance too!

Success for us, in the Advice Team at Fisher Funds is all about working alongside our clients to help create the futures that they dream about. Turning your future dreams into reality however, like many things that are meaningful, can be tough and starts with you. I liken it a little to making the leap to engage with a personal trainer to achieve personal health goals. In a well-known study out of Ball State University, Indiana research's compared fitness outcomes of two groups — one with, and one without a trainer. The results were compelling showing groups with a trainer on average achieved 32% to 47% better physical outcomes!

The conclusion being, engaging an expert and coach can sustainably improve outcomes.

This approach can also prove true when looking to achieve financial goals. While our Advisory team is poorly equipped to improve our client's physical fitness (some in the team may disagree) they are absolutely equipped to act in a similar capacity as a personal trainer for wealth creation. Working with one of our advisers will help clients define and set goals, track how they are progressing as well as inform and educate along the journey.

We have an excellent team of Advisers here at Fisher Funds who believe clients are our priority, that both investment selection and planning needs to be tailored, and that while benchmarks are useful, at the end of the day for our clients it is actual returns that really matter.
I am delighted to be onboard and excited to be part of the Fisher Funds story. Please feel free to contact me directly or speak to one of our Advisory team. It would be our privilege to ensure your existing investments are structured in the best possible way and that any new investments are configured to maximise and reflect your personal financial goals.

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