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July 2022: Fisher Funds in the News

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28 July, 2022

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Fisher Funds has an amazing team of experts who are often asked by journalists and media commentators for their opinions on all sorts of topics - from investment products like KiwiSaver and Managed Funds, to broader economic trends in New Zealand and around the world. These articles and comments appear in newspapers, radio programmes and other media channels.

Read and listen to what the team were talking about in the last month.


Listen: What is a bear market and how do we avoid a recession now?

29 June 2022

NZ Herald

David McLeish - Senior Portfolio Manager

It's a term that's been thrown around a lot in recent weeks - stock markets have slumped into bear territory, while inflation is continuing to rise. But what exactly is a bear market? And is hiking interest rates the only way to avoid recession? 

In this episode of Continuous Disclosure, David McLeish talked to Liam Dann to dissect what exactly a bear market is, and why hiking interest rates could cause more harm than good. 


Read: Many shades of green for investors

2 July 2022

NZ Herald

Robbie Urquhart - Senior Portfolio Manager

Responsible investing, and in particular the way in which environmental factors are taken into account, is in the midst of a storm. Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) restrictions have been blamed for contributing to high energy prices, while investors with ESG mandates have also missed out on some of this year’s best share price returns — which have come from energy companies.

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Listen: Inflation and interest rates

7 July 2022

Newstalk ZB

Sam Dickie - Senior Portfolio Manager

We all know inflation's the talk of the town at the moment. But most key drivers, such as food, are falling sharply. So where does that leave us? 

Sam Dickie joined Heather du Plessis-Allan on NewstalkZB to discuss interest rate predictions. 


Listen: Vodaphone and Spark sell off mobile phone tower assets to overseas investors

22 July 2022

Newstalk ZB

Sam Dickie - Senior Portfolio Manager

Sam joined Heather du Plessis-Allan on NewstalkZB to discuss the recent sale of Vodafone and Spark cell towers to offshore funds. Vodafone agreed to a $1.7 billion sale of mobile phone towers to a group of investment funds. And Spark sold its majority stake $900 million to a Canadian fund. 


Read: Both house prices and GDP set to suffer as interest rates climb

27 June 2022


Harry Smith - Portfolio Manager

In this opinion piece, Harry Smith questions whether there has been too much reliance placed on property prices not falling. He looks at the implications of rising interest rates and potential house price falls - and also some of the valuable lessons that could be learned. 

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Read: A horror year, but hold tight

8 July 2022

Business Desk

Ashley Gardyne - Chief Investment Officer

This year is shaping up to be the worst ever for bonds, and US stocks' year-to-date performance ranks as the third worst. But history suggests the odds are in investors’ favour if they “hold tight”.

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