KiwiSaver — the Melbourne Cup of investing

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KiwiSaver — the Melbourne Cup of investing.

The first Tuesday of November is associated with the race that stops two nations — the Melbourne Cup. This event holds magnetic appeal. Office sweepstakes are popular, spirits are high and many people place their yearly bet on a horse as we converge around TV screens to watch 24 of the finest equine specimens do battle over 3200m.

Horse races cover many distances and the 3200m is considered a true test of staying ability. Not all horses can go the distance; it’s a race of patience, skill, hard work with a little bit of luck thrown in.

Just like the Melbourne Cup, KiwiSaver is a marathon, not a sprint.

How you jump out of the gates and race over the first 1200m really isn’t that important. You want to time your run to reach the finish line and to do that you need to be in the best shape possible.

As the owner you’ve chosen us to prepare and nurture your KiwiSaver account. We are experienced, have a good track record of “finishing” and keep you in the loop as the race unfolds. It’s a two way relationship though. You give us guidelines for how your money is to be invested and then we set about making it happen.

Our investment team performs the role of trainer. We set the strategy for how your money is invested over the long term and constantly monitor the underlying investments along the way tending them to bring out their best. Sometimes we may have to change tactics if conditions change. If the track firms up, then we can pin our ears back while at others times we might find the ground muddy and tough going, so patience is the key.

Investing, like training a horse, is about discipline. You have to put in the hard yards, do your homework and be consistent. We pride ourselves on preparation and our focus is very much on helping you go the distance!


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