KiwiSaver – emotional and financial gains

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KiwiSaver – emotional and financial gains.

KiwiSaver has been a part of Kiwis' lives since July 2007. Ten whole years.

We've been a champion of KiwiSaver since day one advocating for Kiwis to get on board and save for their first home and/or retirement. And Kiwis have got on board — over 2.7m of us — which is a success in itself.

This month we're seeing lots of coverage in the media about what ten years of KiwiSaver means. At Fisher Funds, the real success of KiwiSaver for us is how it has helped make a difference to the lives of so many of our members.

We've been canvassing some of our members who have been with us for that ten year journey and it's been awesome to hear first-hand what KiwiSaver means to them.

And while the money they have saved is really important, what shone through in every case was how KiwiSaver has lifted their confidence, hope and optimism for their future.

KiwiSaver is clearly about more than just numbers. It's about emotional gains as well as financial gains.

We've showcased some of these stories in a special feature on our website — Kiwis celebrating KiwiSaver. There's every chance you'll see yourself in one of these stories or hopefully you'll take inspiration from the success of others.

Hear from Helen who has spent the last three years travelling since she retired, all funded by her KiwiSaver account.

Then there's Lucy and Alison who have got themselves onto the property ladder thanks to KiwiSaver. Buying a first home is more challenging than ever but KiwiSaver can and is increasingly helping people through the front door — could you be next?

Sharon is overjoyed that her KiwiSaver savings are allowing her to re-carpet her home; something she didn't think was possible.

David loves the fact his KiwiSaver nest egg is being actively managed and a team of professionals are on his side. It allows him to focus on making the most of his working years.

As a self-employed businessman, Neil rates joining KiwiSaver as one of the smartest things he's done. There's nowhere else he can get $10 back for every $20 he saves.

The Gould family are a great example of how KiwiSaver can help an entire family.

We think there is a story here for everyone.

But what does KiwiSaver mean to you? If you've got a story to share, we'd love to hear it.


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