See where your KiwiSaver money goes

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See where your KiwiSaver money goes.

In last month's newsletter we discussed recent research that found a worryingly high number of KiwiSaver members don't know what is happening with their KiwiSaver account. This month, we're going to show you where your KiwiSaver money goes.

Every month, for those clients with online access, we prepare personalised reports for your KiwiSaver account that can be accessed from within the correspondence library. If you have online access and haven't checked these out before, then simply click on the correspondence library tab at the top of the page once you are logged in.

These reports summarise how your savings are invested down to the last cent. Not only can you see how the various contributions come together to make up your balance, but you can see how much is invested in each individual company investment.

You can view a sample report online to see what you're missing out on.

We also know some of you are interested in the "story" behind our investments. Our company profiles document is updated monthly and details what each investment does and why we like it.

As you'll see, your money is invested around the world and in a range of different industries, resulting in a widely diversified nest egg. You'll recognise many of the companies you invest in – there are household names in New Zealand such as Trade Me and Mainfreight, there are also global brands like Alphabet (formerly Google) and Adidas, and there are some names that won't be so familiar but they have been chosen because they are market leaders in their industry or have strong prospects for future growth.

As a specialist investment manager, we're passionate about our investments and we love nothing more than talking about them and sharing them with you.


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