Putting your interests first

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Putting your interests first.

We share recent comments from FMA CEO Rob Everett

Did you know that you are part of a $100 billion sector? You are, and you'll be pleased to know that the regulator of this sector, the Financial Markets Authority (FMA), is determined to ensure that your interests are always put first.

FMA chief executive Rob Everett recently said his organisation is entering the final phase of implementing the Financial Markets Conduct Act which is a set of laws designed to make the financial services industry better serve the interests of the public. The final stage involves licensing funds management firms (like Fisher Funds) and the regulator will then shift to supervising all the activities of these licensed firms. The sector is responsible for around $100 billion of funds under management with KiwiSaver being a third of that total representing over 2.5 million members.

"As more than half of the country's population rely on fund managers to grow and protect their wealth either through KiwiSaver, superannuation, managed funds or PIE funds, it is an important step both for the regulator and the NZ economy."

Everett said "the industry has a huge role to play in helping New Zealanders get ahead and plan for their futures with confidence. Fair, efficient and transparent financial markets have a major impact on the cost of doing business across the entire economy. A strong, well-regulated funds management sector is a critical part of that engine for strong, sustainable economic growth."

We are pleased to confirm that as at February 2016, Fisher Funds Management Limited is licensed under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 as a manager of registered schemes.

We can also confirm that we too are determined to ensure that your interests are always put first. Our Mission Statement since 1998 has been to make investing profitable, enjoyable and understandable for all New Zealanders.


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