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Balance — our approach to responsible investment.

01 November, 2016

Balance — our approach to responsible investment

Frank Jasper outlines our thinking behind our responsible investment policy and how it influences the type of investments you can expect to see us make in the future. Read more …
Consumer NZ People’s Choice KiwiSaver Provider — that’s us!.

05 July, 2016

Consumer NZ People’s Choice KiwiSaver Provider — that’s us!

Fisher Funds proud to take out the Consumer NZ Peoples choice award for KiwiSaver provider. Read more ...
Introducing Mead Johnson Nutrition.

05 November, 2015

Introducing Mead Johnson Nutrition

Fisher Funds profiles new portfolio holding Mead John Nutrition and explains why we have only invested recently after following the company for more than a year.
Greenback is a tough taskmaster.

06 August, 2015

Greenback is a tough taskmaster

The strengthening US dollar is proving a challenge for US companies with international earnings but we are seeing management react with initiatives to ensure the impact on the bottom line is minimised.
Introducing Crown Castle.

06 August, 2015

Introducing Crown Castle

Portfolio Manager Zoie Regan explains why we have recently added Crown Castle to the Property & Infrastructure portfolio.
Is bigger better?.

03 July, 2015

Is bigger better?

Manuel Greenland analyses Australian portfolio company Bursons latest acquisition asking concluding the the deal is a good one and will drive long term shareholder value.
Bursons acquisition of Metcash good for investors.

16 June, 2015

Bursons acquisition of Metcash good for investors

Australian portfolio holding Bursons Autoparts announced yesterday it's acquiring Metcash Automotive Holdings. Senior Portfolio Manager Manuel Greenland analyses the drivers of the deal and why it's a good move for shareholders.
Biotech investing — a risk worth taking?.

04 June, 2015

Biotech investing — a risk worth taking?

Investing in biotech companies is no different from other companies; the fundamentals must stack up. Fisher Funds delves into the biotech sector using Australian portfolio companies Resmed and Nanosonics.
Alibaba's treasures.

07 May, 2015

Alibaba's treasures

Fisher Funds talks about why we have recently invested into Alibaba for the first time
Introducing Nike.

08 April, 2015

Introducing Nike

Fisher Funds talks about what it likes about new portfolio holding, Nike, and why it is a good investment.

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