The Domino's drone

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The Domino's drone.

When Henry Ford introduced the Model T he said, "I will build a motor car for the great multitude" and with that he introduced a revolution in motoring freedom. People could quickly and inexpensively travel further afield than they ever had before. Importantly, they could work further from their homes, which gave rise to urban suburbs, and cities as we know them. While we credit Ford for giving us the motor car, his inspiration was to envisage how our lives might change with the freedom of travel. More than cars, Ford gave us choice. The benefits a company's innovations deliver for customers count far more than its products or services.

The website of key portfolio holding Domino's offers me three pizzas of my choice for $30, and, knowing my purchase history, it also offers discounts on my favourite drinks and desserts. Once my order is placed, technology will update me on each of its stages right through to delivery. Instead of spending time shopping, cooking and cleaning up, I can enjoy an evening at my leisure. More than my favourite pizza, I am buying the benefit of greater choice for my evening.

Domino's Robotic Unit, or "DRU", is an autonomous pizza delivery vehicle. The vision is that in the future DRU will find the quickest route from the pizza oven to my front door. DRU will be quicker, safer and cheaper than delivery cars, and by using foot paths, avoid traffic congestion in dense metropolitan areas. My pizza will arrive faster and fresher, and cost me less.

Like Ford, Domino's seeks to offer its customers freedom and choice. By investing in better meeting their needs, Domino's will become more important to customers over time. It will also become increasingly hard for competitors to challenge. We wish DRU the best as he goes into field tests, but more than an exciting new robot, we admire the ambition and imagination with which Domino's seeks to better serve its customers. See more here.


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