12 May 2020

    Fisher Funds Answers: Should I move my money to a conservative fund?

    When financial markets begin to fluctuate, Kiwis could start to see their KiwiSaver balances drop. This can be quite uncomfotable, especially if KiwiSaver is your first investment and you haven’t experienced seeing your hard-earned money drop. It’s at this time that your commitment to your investment strategy is tested. Reacting quickly and changing from a more aggressive KiwiSaver fund, like a growth fund, to a conservative fund, may not necessarily be the answer for you. Client Relationship Manager, Antonio Lucero explains more below in this short video.

    Is now the time to change to a conservative KiwiSaver fund?

    Unless your investing goals or timeframe have changed, now is not the time to change your KiwiSaver fund. Instead of making any changes, it is the time to be patient. KiwiSaver is a long-term investment for most, so it’s important to keep your eye on the long-term prize.

    A conservative fund is recommended for those who may be withdrawing their funds in the near future - for example, for the purchase of their first home or if they are nearing retirement. Our advisers are available to discuss your investment goals and to help you decide on a fund that suits your goals.

    What fund should I be in?

    This is a personal one. It depends on your investing goals, timeframe and your other investments. We talk about this a lot because your goals and timeframe are essential in determining the best investment option for you.

    If you are not sure what fund you’re in, or are worried you’re in the wrong fund for your life stage or goals, speak to one of our advisers. We can take into account your specific life circumstances and help you select the best fund for you. Alternatively, you could complete our online Investor Profile Questionnaire.

    What if I haven’t selected a fund?

    If you haven’t chosen a KiwiSaver fund yourself, it is likely that you have been placed in the default fund. This is a very conservative fund and we suggest that you take some action to check which fund matches your investment goals. This is more simple than it sounds, to work this out complete our simple Investor Profile Questionnaire, alternatively contact us on 0508 FISHER or via email.

    For more answers to questions like this as well as insights from our investment team, visit our video library.

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