26 October 2022

    October 2022: Fisher Funds in the News


    Fisher Funds has an amazing team of experts who are often asked by journalists and media commentators for their opinions on all sorts of topics - from investment products like KiwiSaver and Managed Funds, to broader economic trends in New Zealand and around the world. These articles and comments appear in newspapers, radio programmes and other media channels.

    Read and listen to what the team were talking about in the last month.

    Listen: Continuous Disclosure: Could KiwiSaver be used to better utilise a business' potential?

    19 October 2022

    NZ Herald

    David McLeish - Senior Portfolio Manager

    KiwiSaver has grown to be worth more than $90 billion but much of that money is invested in foreign companies.

    The reason for that is diversification. As investors we don't want all our eggs in one basket - investing all of our money in New Zealand would leave us highly exposed to our small country and its fortunes. But Head of Fixed Interest, David McLeish, believes the money that is being invested in New Zealand could be put to better use to support and grow New Zealand Inc.

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    18 October 2022


    Harry Smith - Portfolio Manager

    The market sell-off has created opportunities in companies not seen for a long time.

    Valuations of companies such as Amazon, that were previously considered too richly priced, are now offering a good return. If investors are willing to look through the noise and invest in high-quality companies for the long term, they can expect attractive returns.

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    Read: Inflation – the devil in the box

    30 September 2022

    NZ Herald

    Mark Brighouse – Chief Investment Strategist

    Inflation in New Zealand has reached 7.3 percent per annum, the highest annual rate in 32 years, causing no end of finger-pointing by politicians, concern from consumers and fearless forecasting by economists. People are asking how did this happen so fast, how serious is it and how long will it take to fix?

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    Read: The Fed’s big move, and a return to ‘normal’

    23 September 2022

    NZ Herald

    David McLeish - Senior Portfolio Manager

    Fisher Funds senior portfolio manager David McLeish said the Fed's move was on a similar tack to the RBNZ's. "This gives the Reserve Bank cover to continue with the same rhetoric and with those same actions.

    The US Federal Reserve’s 75 basis point rate hike sent shockwaves through equity markets, but what will its impact be in the long run?

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    Listen: Europe and the UK are experiencing an energy crisis

    22 September 2022

    Newstalk ZB

    Sam Dickie – Senior Portfolio Manager

    All UK businesses have been given a six month emergency energy price cap.

    In other parts of Europe, manufacturers are furloughing workers because they can't pay the gas and electricity bills.

    Sam Dickie joins Health Du-Plessis-Allan on Drive to discuss the European energy crisis.

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    16 September 2022


    Ashley Gardyne – Chief Investment Officer

    It wouldn’t be hard to create a list of recent political blunders from governments around the world. The ill-fated decision-making that has resulted in the European energy crisis is perhaps the most topical. But short-term populist decision-making isn’t just harmful for sovereign states. Convenient, short-term decisions are also something that management teams running companies and investors saving for their retirement need to be wary of.

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