25 January 2022

    Listen: Continuous Disclosure Podcast

    How to combat turbulent sharemarkets and what lies ahead

    Global share markets have had a rocky start to the year as investors sweat on a range of issues, including inflation, rising interest rates and persistent COVID cases.

    Recent market falls have been driven by expectations that rising inflation in the US, Australia and other developed countries will lead to tighter financial conditions.

    Throw in the Omicron outbreak here with the expected disruption to business from staff shortages, and the Russia-Ukraine crisis and it's a hot mix for investors to handle.

    So how should investors respond to the volatility? And what else is in store for 2022?

    In the latest episode of the investment podcast Continuous Disclosure, chief investment officer, Ashley Gardyne, talks to NZ Herald's Duncan Bridgeman about the outlook for the year ahead and some tips on how to combat the pressures building up.

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