01 April 2020

    Watch: Managing international shares in the coronavirus crisis

    Fisher Funds Chief Investment Officer, Frank Jasper talks to Senior Portfolio Manager, Ashley Gardyne about the management of our international equities portfolio throughout the coronavirus crisis. Outlining how he is approaching markets, what companies are saying about current conditions and where the best opportunities are.

    Frank and Ashley discuss the conversations they have been having with management teams from the companies we invest in. Many have learned from the past (GFC) and their balance sheets were fortresses with plenty of cash available to get through the tough times.

    They also discuss how we have seized some opportunities, such as adding the long admired Starbucks to the international portfolio. While Starbucks have closed their stores, their strong financial position has allowed them to keep all staff on, putting them in a good position to reopen and eventually get back to normal.

    We have also increased our holdings in Amazon - their eCommerce business is extremely busy and this is only likely to increase, as the coming months will sadly see closures of brick and mortar stores. As consumers may be trialing online grocery delivery for the first time, this may result in a significant shift in ongoing consumer behaviour once lockdown restrictions are lifted.

    Frank and Ashley remain confident in our international portfolio; we have always focused on investing in a select group of the world's best businesses. These companies have great track records and have previously shown they can prosper in both the good times and bad. These companies are well placed to weather the storm well and ultimately come out stronger.