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Buying a home with KiwiSaver

Buying a home with KiwiSaver »

KiwiSaver can help you make your goal of owning your own home a reality.

Aussie super transfers

Aussie super transfers »

If you've worked in Australia at any time since 1992 you'll probably have Australian superannuation savings. Now you can bring these savings back to New Zealand by transferring them into your KiwiSaver account.

KiwiSaver and retirement

KiwiSaver and retirement »

KiwiSaver has just as an important role to play in retirement as it does when you are building up your nest egg.

Significant financial hardship

Financial hardship and serious illness »

Sometimes life doesn't go to plan and throws curve balls or you chart a different course. There are some ways you can access your KiwiSaver savings in exceptional circumstances.

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