There are some generous incentives to encourage people to join KiwiSaver

Annual Government contribution

Annual Government contribution »

For every $1 you contribute the Government will contribute 50c (up to $521 per year) for members who are aged 18 and over, living in New Zealand, and not yet eligible to withdraw for retirement.

Compulsory employer contributions

Compulsory employer contributions

If you are employed and 18 or over and contributing to KiwiSaver from your salary or wages, your employer is required to contribute 3% of your gross salary or wages (unless your employer is already contributing to an alternative NZ Super scheme on your behalf).

Help with buying your first home

Help with buying your first home »

After three years membership you can withdraw everything from your account except $1,000 (and any funds you have transferred from an Australian super fund).

KiwiSaver HomeStart grant up to $10,000

KiwiSaver HomeStart grant up to $10,000 »

Subject to income and house price caps, after three years membership you may be eligible for up to $10,000 extra support from the Government towards your first home.

Bring back your Aussie Super

Bring back your Aussie Super »

If you have worked in Aussie since 1992, you can bring your Aussie Super back to your KiwiSaver account. Makes life easier having all your retirement savings in one place, not to mention the fees you'll save.

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