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Are savers finally going to get a break?.

01 November, 2016

Are savers finally going to get a break?

Credit Suisse's Sean Keane and other consider a possible rethink by central banks as they examine the impact their decisions have on society.
Performing on the international stage.

01 November, 2016

Performing on the international stage

Some NZ companies have struggled to deliver the goods overseas while others have thrived. Read more about the common elements of those that have succeeded …
Coal is King — for now ....

21 October, 2016

Coal is King — for now ...

Although the stunning price rally for coal is up over 150 per cent this year Carmel Fisher is getting her investing thrills elsewhere. Find out why ...
Bad parenting from central banks.

06 October, 2016

Bad parenting from central banks

Recently there has been increasing concern about the longer-term impact of central banks' bad parenting? Read more …
The GFC still lingers, at least for Germany's largest Bank.

06 October, 2016

The GFC still lingers, at least for Germany's largest Bank

Mark Brighouse shares how the GFC is still being felt ten years on. Read more ...
Uber aspirations.

09 September, 2016

Uber aspirations

With a valuation of US$70b Uber's aspirations are indeed high particularly if you can't understand what makes it special in the first place says Carmel Fisher. Read more ...
Why every company should worry.

05 September, 2016

Why every company should worry

Unilever is paying $US1 billion for Dollar Shave Club. Learn more ...
Nike – still doing it.

05 September, 2016

Nike – still doing it

Roger Garrett shares what innovations Nike is using to improve performance. Read more …
The scrambled start-up.

12 August, 2016

The scrambled start-up

Carmel Fisher chats about Josh Tetrict of start-up company Hampton Creek, his ambitious vision to turn the food industry on its head and some of the hick ups he’s had on the way ...
How politicians twist statistics.

05 August, 2016

How politicians twist statistics

Lies, damned lies and statistics. Statistics do not lie but the people using them often do. Read on for Carmel Fishers take on some political examples.