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An ever improving world.

29 September, 2017

An ever improving world

In a world increasingly focused on the here and now it can be easy to think life is getting tougher when in fact a quick history lesson reminds us all of the remarkable progress of global living conditions, especially over the last 200 years.
When risk is worth it.

22 September, 2017

When risk is worth it

Carmel Fisher questions whether some risks are worth taking or not.
Emotional value.

08 September, 2017

Emotional value

Have you ever wondered about the value of collectibles? Carmel Fisher discusses this ...
Investing highlights & lowlights — August 2017.

06 September, 2017

Investing highlights & lowlights — August 2017

A snapshot from Fisher Funds of the key factors driving the performance of Markets and Funds for July August Learn more ...
Numbers are only half the story.

06 September, 2017

Numbers are only half the story

Chief Investment Office Frank Jasper reflects on the most recent round of company results and why the devil is often in the detail. Read more ...
Removing the fear of investing.

06 September, 2017

Removing the fear of investing

When is it right time to invest? James Paterson our Head of Advice has a few suggestions to steady your nerves and help get you started.
Man versus machine.

01 September, 2017

Man versus machine

Developments in Artificial Intelligence have been making headlines. Read Carmel Fisher’s view on this subject.
Virtual reality or The Beehive?.

08 August, 2017

Virtual reality or The Beehive?

As New Zealand heads into another election cycle, the biggest impact on our lives over the next two electoral terms is more likely to come from technological progress than from political party policies.
Investing highlights & lowlights — July 2017.

08 August, 2017

Investing highlights & lowlights — July 2017

A snapshot from Fisher Funds of the key factors driving the performance of Markets and Funds for July 2017. Learn more ...
Powering profits.

04 August, 2017

Powering profits

What is all the frenzy about lithium and should we be rushing to invest? Hear Carmel Fisher’s view ...

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