Winning with words.

20 October, 2017

Winning with words

What is the life skill that can add 50% to a person’s future value, and does the responsibility to teach it fall on schools or parents?
Is being invested too conservatively costing you?.

17 October, 2017

Is being invested too conservatively costing you?

One of the most important decisions you can make about your KiwiSaver account is how your money is invested. We take a look at how much of a difference it can really make.
The mum and dad bank.

13 October, 2017

The mum and dad bank

Millennials versus Boomers: research points to a difference between the two when it comes to inheritance expectations. Money after death is not something that we talk about easily, perhaps we should?
Suckers for electric cars.

06 October, 2017

Suckers for electric cars

A small appliance company manufacturing cars? Carmel Fisher takes a look at whether this is a good idea.
The big unknown and what does it mean for us?.

05 October, 2017

The big unknown and what does it mean for us?

Have you noticed many so called experts have been getting future predictions so wrong in recent times? There are lots of reasons why. Read more ...
Investing highlights & lowlights — September 2017.

05 October, 2017

Investing highlights & lowlights — September 2017

A snapshot from Fisher Funds of the key factors driving the performance of Markets and Funds for September Learn more ...
Chasing historical returns: a tempting but flawed strategy.

05 October, 2017

Chasing historical returns: a tempting but flawed strategy

James Paterson, our Head of Advice, offers perspective on why choosing an investment based on past performance isn’t necessarily the best approach.
Fashionable Investments — friend or foe?.

05 October, 2017

Fashionable Investments — friend or foe?

Buying online has changed the face of retail, so are traditional clothing brands still worth investing in? Ashley Gardyne shares his views. Read more ...
Short term pain, long term gains.

05 October, 2017

Short term pain, long term gains

Chief Investment Officer Frank Jasper reflects on the possible future of New Zealand Superannuation and why procrastination could be putting off the inevitable.
An ever improving world.

29 September, 2017

An ever improving world

In a world increasingly focused on the here and now it can be easy to think life is getting tougher when in fact a quick history lesson reminds us all of the remarkable progress of global living conditions, especially over the last 200 years.

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