Last few weeks to get your $521!.

07 June, 2017

Last few weeks to get your $521!

There’s still time to get your hands on the annual government contribution (member tax credit or MTC) for your KiwiSaver account. In order to get the full amount of $521.23, you must have contributed at least $1,042.86 into your account during the KiwiSaver year (1 July to 30 June).
When a guru loses his mojo.

02 June, 2017

When a guru loses his mojo

As much as I don’t like disagreeing with an investing guru, I guess it’s a timely reminder to understand the difference between general advice, personalised advice and plain old opinion.
A man’s castle.

26 May, 2017

A man’s castle

Carmel looks at how other countries solve their housing crises — Australia sets up a corporation; Italy gives away historic castles and monasteries!
Snap, pop, crackle.

19 May, 2017

Snap, pop, crackle

Snapchat – is it worth the hype? Investors may be left wondering if the product’s disappearing act was a premonition for the share price to go the same way.
Where there’s smoke.

12 May, 2017

Where there’s smoke

Dope, weed, pot — call it what you will — marijuana is becoming a big industry for medicinal and recreational use. Investors have got excited but who will make the money when the smoke clears?
Don't forget to grab what's yours.

09 May, 2017

Don't forget to grab what's yours

One of the great benefits of KiwiSaver that you will not want to miss out on is the annual government contribution of up to $521 — known as the member tax credit or MTC.
The power of small wins.

08 May, 2017

The power of small wins

Markets recently displaying disproportionate reactions based on insubstantial news – while this optimism might look excessive, we should never underestimate the power of small wins.
Investing highlights & lowlights — April 2017.

08 May, 2017

Investing highlights & lowlights — April 2017

A snapshot from Fisher Funds of the key factors driving the performance of Markets and Funds for April 2017. Learn more …
The beating heart of our international portfolios.

08 May, 2017

The beating heart of our international portfolios

How do we really know a pioneering breakthrough when we hear about one? We think one of the latest healthcare additions to our international portfolio, Edwards Lifesciences, is doing just that in treating heart disease.
Driving change in the automotive industry.

08 May, 2017

Driving change in the automotive industry

We take a look under the hood at disruption in the automotive industry. Tesla now exceeds Ford’s market cap – we go beyond the excitement of the new and comment on the wider impact of innovation.

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