University regrets.

21 July, 2017

University regrets

Research, research, research what to study at University — check trends, statistics and pay rates during a university career to try and minimise regrets.
New way of looking at retirement.

14 July, 2017

New way of looking at retirement

The idea of steady as she goes retirement savings is not as achievable as the conventional view suggests. Carmel Fisher discusses a different way of thinking.
What a difference a decade makes .

11 July, 2017

What a difference a decade makes

So a decade later, has KiwiSaver been a success? Are we more financially literate? Do we know more now than what we didn't know then? Carmel Fisher shares her thoughts. Read more ...
An impact of earthquake proportions.

07 July, 2017

An impact of earthquake proportions

While people will reflect on major events like the GFC or the Christchurch earthquakes, ongoing everyday game changers like KiwiSaver can be forgotten. Read on ...
Investing highlights & lowlights — June 2017.

07 July, 2017

Investing highlights & lowlights — June 2017

A snapshot from Fisher Funds of the key factors driving the performance of Markets and Funds for June 2017. Learn more ...
Investors rewarded for going the distance.

07 July, 2017

Investors rewarded for going the distance

Read Chief investment Officer Mark Brighouse talk about the rewards of avoiding distraction and going the distance.
KiwiSaver – emotional and financial gains.

07 July, 2017

KiwiSaver – emotional and financial gains

Check out what ten years of KiwiSaver means to some of our earliest KiwiSaver members and discover it’s more than just the financial gains.
Through thick and thin — ten years with these ten companies.

07 July, 2017

Through thick and thin — ten years with these ten companies

Read what’s kept Fisher Funds invested in these ten core portfolio holdings through thick and thin over the past ten years.
Hotels hitting back at Airbnb.

07 July, 2017

Hotels hitting back at Airbnb

Disruptive companies and technology doesn’t always mean the incumbent is out of the picture — take a look at hotels flourishing even in the face of Airbnb.
Happy Birthday KiwiSaver.

30 June, 2017

Happy Birthday KiwiSaver

KiwiSaver is ten years old this week — we think everyone should be celebrating!

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