Investing highlights & lowlights — October 2016.

01 November, 2016

Investing highlights & lowlights — October 2016

A snapshot from Fisher Funds of the key factors driving the performance of Markets and Funds for October 2016. Learn more …
A mine of opportunity.

01 November, 2016

A mine of opportunity

Investing in companies with sustainable competitive advantages is an important par of our investing approach. Read on …
Are property syndicates a reach too far for yield?.

01 November, 2016

Are property syndicates a reach too far for yield?

With attractive forecast yields on offer property syndicates are back in vogue but there are risk you need to be aware of. Read more …
Plan for tomorrow (not today).

01 November, 2016

Plan for tomorrow (not today)

NZ households are more indebted than ever thanks in part to low interest rates. Read more …
Are savers finally going to get a break?.

01 November, 2016

Are savers finally going to get a break?

Credit Suisse's Sean Keane and other consider a possible rethink by central banks as they examine the impact their decisions have on society.
Balance — our approach to responsible investment.

01 November, 2016

Balance — our approach to responsible investment

Frank Jasper outlines our thinking behind our responsible investment policy and how it influences the type of investments you can expect to see us make in the future. Read more …
Performing on the international stage.

01 November, 2016

Performing on the international stage

Some NZ companies have struggled to deliver the goods overseas while others have thrived. Read more about the common elements of those that have succeeded …
The do nothing revolution.

28 October, 2016

The do nothing revolution

Carmel Fisher chats about the current trend towards passive investing and shares her dislike for this indifferent approach.
Coal is King — for now ....

21 October, 2016

Coal is King — for now ...

Although the stunning price rally for coal is up over 150 per cent this year Carmel Fisher is getting her investing thrills elsewhere. Find out why ...
Carmel Fisher talks about her retirement.

17 October, 2016

Carmel Fisher talks about her retirement

Carmel Fisher, Fisher Funds Managing Director, talks about her plans to retire in 2017.